Prohemp420 Dispensary blends the artisanal approach of Vermont with plant-based medication technologies to produce safe, legal, high-quality medicinal cannabis products.


After the Vermont Marijuana for Symptom Relief Act was passed in June 2011, Prohemp 420 Dispensary was granted the 1st license to open a dispensary in 2012.

The industry continues to face many hurdles, the largest that cannabis remains illegal under federal statute. This limitation becomes a strength. We create an organization built on local support. We created a compassionate sliding-scale scheme in response to a ban on medical care benefits for patients.


Prohemp420 Dispensary has embraced our challenges as opportunities to build a team of highly trained, professional staff members who guide and innovate throughout our operations. Our ambition is to serve as a national model for standard practices in our industry.

The Prohemp420 Dispensary has seen rapid growth, from a handful of patients in June 2017 to several thousand today. We feel this is just the beginning.


Our staff specially trained to advise people who are ill. Knowing that we are assisting patients, many of whom are in their later stages of life, has a tremendous impact. We immediately see how we improve people’s lives.

Our whole community needs to know that the products we provide are helping patients lead a more active life and have a better daily existence. The contrary stereotype of using cannabis to escape, patients see this as a way to function — to have the energy to be present with their families and not be overwhelmed by pain relievers or the nausea of chemotherapy.

We’ve never seen a patient complain, “It didn’t help me.” Instead, we hear things like, “I gain 10 pounds,” or “I’m weaning myself off pharmaceuticals, and my doctor is happy.” That is why we do what we do.


Our goal is to promote health and empathy. Through compassion, vitality, and direction goal is to connect our customers with professional staff that serves the highest quality cannabis products, sharing knowledge and understanding of plant-based remedies.


Teamwork: We work as a team member towards our mission

Flexibility and Agility:

We are willing to be flexible and agile to meet the changing demands of our business

We are kind and generous to our clients and to one another.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions
Learning-Focused: We share knowledge with our customers and with each other