Blue Dream Strain

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Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Strain is a sweet-tasting and smelling strain that is suggestive of fresh blueberries. It is a very powerful medical strain and has many effects such as relief of pain and stress, and can help to bring about feelings of peace and well-being. It is a super popular strain, and a staple strain amongst the healing community.

Having developed into one of the most traditional West Coast strains of the century, Blue Dream weed is more or less a common household name these days among both victims and cannabis-lovers alike.

What Is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain is, of course, organized as a hybrid. Although Blue Dream represents a higher percentage of Sativa phenotypes, on the season, it is possible to obtain a phenotype that is more quality of an Indica strain.

Overall this place is fairly unique, though, and more often than not you will be receiving an uplifting and stimulating Sativa dominant batch of the herb when buying Blue Dream cannabis. In fact, Blue Dream’s survival arises from the cross-breeding of two sweet and fragrant strains: Blueberry and Haze.

Most agree that the origins of Blue Dream weed trace back to California, where the bud’s blueberry freshness seems all too suggestive and befitting of the sunny and golden state. It will leave you California Dreaming and needing plenty more after those first pair of tokes.

Blue Dream: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Moreover, this marijuana strain is mostly identified for its unique and unexpected flavor and aroma. When you first get a whiff of this strain, expect to be surprised by a scrumptious and delectable fruity flavor, as well as childhood nostalgia for any of us that grew up picking grains in the summertime.

The Blue Dream strain doesn’t just stop there, though, hinting at flavors of astute, earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus, and also grape and garden notes. It expresses a peaceful balance of qualities from both its parents – Blueberry and Haze

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