Durban Poison

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Durban Poison

Durban Poison has deep roots within the Sativa landrace gene pool. The strain’s famous phenotypes were first published within the late 1970s by one of every of America’s first Global strain mounts, Ed Rosenthal. Per improvement legend, Rosenthal was in the Republic of land in search of the latest heredity and ran over a fast flowering strain within the port city of Durban. After visiting the place in the U.S., Rosenthal conducted his own selective breeding method on his recently shipped grains, so begin sharing. Rosenthal gave Mel Frank quite his new South African seeds, and thus the remains were cannabis history.

Frank, who wrote the “Marijuana Grower’s Guide Deluxe” in 1978, modified the gene pool to increase resin content and reduce the flowering time. In search of a short-season varietal that is ready to hit full maturation on the U.S. The plant from Frank’s “A” line became today’s Durban Poison, while the “B” line was handed off to Amsterdam breeder David Watson, also noted as “Sam the Skunkman.” Durban Poison encompasses a solid, compact bud formation that’s typical of landrace Indica species, but the flowers’ elongated and tapered shape is more quality of a Sativa.


This strain could even be a vine with effects that last up to some hours. Excellent after you have must be compelled to be productive and active, but not recommended for beginners because of its power. Many patients give regeneration when using this strain to alleviate stress or depression. It is also capable of migraines and other injuries. it’s likely to cause dryness within the mouth and eyes. Durban Poison is often a preferred strain to make concentrates since it’s loaded with resinous trichomes. In short, a highly recommended Sativa.

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