Kingpen Gelato Vape

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Kingpen Gelato Vape

Kingpen Gelato Vape Pen is an Indica composite KingPen famous for purity and potency. The Gelato Vapor Pen by King Pen, similar to other varieties by King Pen is Lab tested to containing between 75 – 85% THC in each device. An Indica-leaning hybrid resulting from the cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, Gelato remains one of the foremost potent hybrid strains available on the market.KingPens are a THC powerhouse in a very vape pen, anytime and anywhere. The consequences of this vape oil hit fast, remitting heavy-handed euphoria and a cerebral charge. It significantly boosts focus, mental alertness, and creativity. While you will not produce all the energy you wish to handle lots of physical tasks, the KingPen Gelato Vape Pen won’t couch lock you. This makes it an ideal vape for leisure and weekends.

This strain is suggested for marijuana users with some experience due to its high THC content, which novices might ignore given its fruity terpene profiles. KingPen Gelato Cartridge oil is employed in the treatment of several medical conditions. The uplifting and euphoric effect it delivers temporarily soothes patients plagued by PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. Those that regularly encounter illness or lack of taste will find the flavorful Gelato strain very helpful in developing their condition. It also alleviates chronic pain and insomnia.

Kingpen cartridges are small glass containers pre-filled with the best quality cannabis oil extracted from the best quality flower. The oil flows right down to a battery-heated element that vaporizes the oil at a lower temperature than what’s required to combust material.

This creates a nice and smooth consumption experience that has clothed to be extremely popular among our clients.

  • Kingpen Sativa Cartridges – Kingpen makes two Sativa cartridges in Cali-O that’s a sweet orange flavor, offering a tropical experience; and a blue dream strain variety that delivers a berry taste that’s sweet with a blueberry flavor.
  • Kingpen Hybrid Cartridge – If you’re searching for a hybrid cannabis vape oil cartridge, look no further than the Kingpen Gelato cartridge that gives a herbal yet sweet blueberry flavor.
  • Kingpen Indica Cartridges – Kingpen makes two Indica varieties increasingly popular among our clients. If you seek an Indica cannabis oil cartridge, Kingpen will knock your socks off with the Cuvee Cookies strain that delivers a novel flavor blend of floral cherry and chocolate. Beyond the taste, this cart packs a true punch. We also provide Cannalope Kush with a feeling characterized as cantaloupe melon with lemongrass.

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